Let your car see what
your eyes and other sensors cannot

VIPER is a revolutionary intelligent, high-resolution LWIR thermal camera, designed for vehicle safety and perception systems to enhance ADAS and enable all levels of automation. It is the only automotive grade shutterless thermal camera available that can see and detect what other sensors cannot, day or night, without being compromised by complete darkness, blinding lights or harsh weather.

Turning night into day to save lives

VIPER can detect objects up to 300 meters (984 ft) and classify living beings at over than 200m (656 ft) in all visibility conditions, while typical vehicle low-beam headlamps combined with daytime cameras are only able to detect an object around 80m (262 ft) and cannot determine if the object is a living being. Current sensors for ADAS haven’t been able to prevent the growing number of pedestrian fatalities, especially at night. By turning night into day, VIPER can reduce accidents and save countless lives.


The VIPER hardware and software are designed and manufactured in-house for optimal compatibility, quality and scalability.

The VIPER hardware and software are designed and manufactured in-house for optimal compatibility, quality and scalability. The camera comes in multiple fields of view to address different scenarios on the road, enveloping the automated vehicle in a 360° layer of safety. Being shutterless, the VIPER never “blinks” or pauses to recalibrate, making driving safer than other sensors in its class. Its state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms also include object detection and classification of multiple types of objects, as well as free-space detection, and even TTC (Time To Collision) calculation to support Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) features, all made possible by using only a single thermal camera.

Complete solution

From FIR camera to fusion-ready, deep-learning based computer vision algorithms

No moving parts

Shutterless technology

Small and compact

2.6cm in diameter by 4.3cm in length

Built for automotive

Developed according to quality (ASPICE) and safety (ISO 26262) standards

Dedicated ASIC

For superior image performance

Large annotated FIR data sets

For machine learning algorithms

VIPER Features

AdaSky’s advanced thermal sensing solution allows the vehicle to sense and analyze its surroundings by passively collecting FIR signals through detection of thermal energy radiated from objects and their body heat.  AdaSky’s image processing and computer vision algorithms process the signals collected by the camera to provide accurate object detection and scene analysis, giving the vehicle a new layer of information.


Captures differences in temperature of 50mK, enabling it to detect living creatures, cars and other man-made objects


Does not illuminate the scene, or create interference with other systems or the environment, and uses less power


Supports high resolution video, giving it superior object detection performance



Does not get blinded by oncoming headlights or direct sunlight


Has been used for decades in other vertical industries, making it a mature and proven concept


Scalable technology, enabling a low-cost pricing structure