VP Operations

Our goal is to deliver a high performance system that will enable a Level 5, 24/7 all-weather autonomous vehicle.

We’re looking for a Maven to join us and take full responsibility for the organization’s overall product line planning and policy formulation.
As VP Operations, you will build and manage all activities within the operations function, such as – production, planning and control, transfer from R&D to production, etc. You will establish relationships with local and foreign contractors and suppliers.
You will also be responsible for the quality management of the organization’s products and systems.

Job Requirements:

  • Proven experience in a senior position from a company that develops a multi-disciplinary product
  • Ability to manage the operation of multi-disciplinary systems involving mechanics, electronics and optics
  • At least 10 years of experience in supply chain management, purchasing and supervising sub- contractors
  • Experience in very high-volume production with secondary contractors
  • Proven experience reaching out to new markets and opening new global production opportunities
  • Ability to remotely operate subcontractors from abroad
  • Experience in the auto industry – big advantage
  • Prior experience in the chip industry – big advantage
  • BSc in EE, ME, CE – must; MSc/MBA – big advantage
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